is the act or instance of adding or combining milk or other dairy products with any physical substance. It is commonly used in cooking, but can also be used in irrelevant purposes for pure comedic purposes


Assimilactation originated in the cross-over special The Grim Adventures of the Kids Next Door in which Billy asks 'can't we have some cake before we assimilactate?' Before long the word started finding its way into the The Trio's vocabulary, although it had no real meaning until Kerfoidersnoyder gave it a valid one.


The word can be used in any context where any number of objects are being cimbined, as long as one of them is a dairy product (butter, milk, creme) or relates to dairy (cows, steak, and dairy farmers work too). As an example, baking cakes or pouring milk on a person's head all are assimilactatious acts.

When conjugated, the word often makes no sense. In fact, it's usually best to avoid using the word at all so as not to harm one's right brain, as it is a very illogical word.

Writer: Oh hi.


Writer: OH SHI- *combines with glass of milk*

This is the general use of the word


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