Diagram of how to achieve Bhnrgrgy

Bhnrgrgy is a random string of letters created by pure chance by bashing one's head onto the keyboard. As of now, it does not have a set defintion save for its nature as a random string of characters.


The term was coined when Kerfoidersnoyder, along with the rest of the Trio, were making a mock dictionary. For one of the words, Kerfy, for what

ever reason, had the bright idea to smash his head onto the keyboard, creating bhnrgrgy (while also causing the nearby students of the class they were in to question his mental health (again -LI3)) It caught on soon afterwards and has been a staple of the Trio's vocabulary (particularly between The Writer and himself)

Other Possible SpellingsEdit

While the general spelling, characters used, and pronounciation are clear, the exact spelling of bhnrgrgy has itself been lost to time. Other possible spellings do exist, such as the following

  • Bnrghrgy
  • Bnrgrghy
  • Bnrghrghy

and so on. However, for the most part, the currently used spelling is agreed on as the primary one.

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