The Extreme Left: it's a party.

Communist Foods (also know as the Commie Party) is a gag based on alliterating phrases of foods with various words related to Communism or Socialism.


Kerfy began this joke with a conversation he had with two people on Deviantart. The conversation contained many Lulz and he felt it was awesome enough to share with the world. Or at least other close friends. When he showed it to The Writer, he told Kerfy to post it to the wiki, hence this page's existence.


Communist Foods can be inserted into any conversation in general, particularly involving party planning or discussions about what one had for dinner. A food is created by pairing a word related to Socialism or Communism with a regular food. Examples from the conversation include Commie Cupcakes, Marxist Pie, Stalin Shakes, and Castro Casserole. There are exceptions to this rule, however; both Vodka and fried banana muffins are considered to be Communist Foods as well.


This is the original conversation that inspired the Communist Foods joke

This is The Writer's suggestion to add Communist Foods to the Mirukana Wiki.

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