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Kerfoidersnoyder is the online alias of an artist, writer, and self-proclaimed homicidal psychopath. He can be found and reached on DeviantArt and Gaia. He is represented by his persona, Kerfias Luponio, and his fursona Redyons (the names being a play on his alias).

Art StyleEdit

He draws using traditional media including basic graphite pencils, inking pens, charcoal pencils, colored pencils, and in the past, wax crayons. his written works include both poetry heavy with figurative language and prose with dark themes often centering around a mentally unstable antihero or antagonist.

His drawings recently have become much more awesome and he draws more meaningful and beautiful crap. He also has recently started delving into the horror genre with some of his arts. He draws basically any species, including humans, kemonomimi, and anthro characters. He really loves moe anthro.

Original CharactersEdit

He has a large number of original characters, but recently has been using Sigma Nugato, Fienne Durano, Follcari Durano, Navatia NoLastName, and Nathaniel Gustaf. He also draws a lot of weird non-recurring and unnamed characters.


Personality-wise, he has a dark, cynical sense of humour that falls mainly into sadism, perverted humour, math or geek humour, or 'just plain random.' He is fiercly protective of friends and finds difficulty in trusting people. His favourite colours are red, black, and purple. his favourite animals are wolves, spiders, and snakes. he is know to use wolves often as an identifying animal. He is often known to go off on random tangents about pointless things and can get a little long winded. (see this article)

Although he primarily keeps to himself (both online and in real life) any time anyone attempts to talk to him, he typically is highly willing to chat and make friends. although his loner nature has had a tendency to scare people off, he has often said 'if people won't take the time to get to know me, they aren't worth my time.'

His favorite subjects of study are psychology and art. He also enjoys math and algebra 'just because.'


One of Kerfoidersnyoder's favourite things is to keep his sexual preferences as ambiguous as possible. Although he claims to be straight, his acting skills have a few of his friends believeing he is actually in the closet about being bisexual.

Their confusion amuses him.


He often uses a modified old-English K as a symbol, and has often used a sierpinski triangle along with it. He uses a lot of symbolism in his art, especially moe anthro pictures.


He is responsible for the creation of the following jokes between The Trio:

  • The Shanker
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