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The Trio



Holy crap! We haven't updated this thing for months! Well, time to fix a few things and finish some stubs c:

Also, the article on Sushihad is officially completed.


Kerfoidersnoyder finally woke up and has started doing a bunch of pages he should have been working on a long time ago. So lets all dance in celebration of the end of his annoying coma!


Riodel Yokolo has quit dA as Lordike3. His new account is Riodel-Yokolo. He wants a new sig.


Sushihad has created The Adventure of Epicness , a choose your own adventure game.


Watch our story series made by us! The Stupid Saga ! It's random, its funny, it's stupid, but its still funny anyways. We'll update pieces every now and then, so watch when it gets really really long and stupid~


EFF YEAH! OUR NEW ICON IS UP and I plan to do some site changes around here. I plan to change the theme to something else for a bit.

- Sushihad's Article is updated majorly, but is incomplete.


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