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Non Sequitir Jokes are randemonious jokes made by Sushihad (but not necessarly invented by him). Non Sequitir Jokes either involve random statements of irrelevant facts, leading to an unrelated question, or questions followed by random fallacies, or even a statement which leads to a gap between the conclusion. Sushi's usage of Non Sequitir jokes push the barrier of random. A good majority of Non Sequitir Jokes by Sushihad are basically a pile of Random Babbling.


Irrelevant FactsEdit

Basically, this type relies on supplying the person in question with irrelevant facts, then giving them a question that is unrelated. They go in the following format sometimes:

If A is (Quality)+(Fallacy)

and B is (Quality)+(Fallacy)

and C is also (Quality)+(Fallacy)

Then Is Q, X?


If an cow walks at an aerial velocity of 30 stones a kilowatt hour, then what is the square root of a tomato?

Answer: There is none, everyone knows pies are grown on tires.

If an apple a day keeps the apothecary away, abd the latent heat of fission is 67 oranges, while destroying daisies yields a net payment of 5 cats, then what is the product of a funyarinpa and a scone?

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