"Let' open this door!" "No problem.....*fumbles hands* didn't work."

The protagonist action is an Inside Meme created between the Writer and Kerfoidersnoyder. It comes from the game Star Wars: Knights of The Old Republic and invloves someone saying "no problem", fumbling their hands, and then saying "didn't work."


The origin of the Protagonist Action goes back to as far as eleven minutes ago, or longer. It originates from the game Knights of the Old Republic, in which if the player attempts to perform an action, notably unlocking a door, that their skill levevl is not high enough to perform, they will say 'no problem' when given the command, will fumble their hands in front of the door, and when it doesnt work, they will make it blatantly obvious by saying 'didn't work'.


The protagonist action can be used anywhere where an order was given. The requested action doesn't have to be a door unlocking (unless you want to). A few examples include:

Kerfy: Stop being a Foo!

The Writer: no problem. *fumbles hands* didn't work.

The Writer: I reject your reality and substitute my own. Now go divide by Zero.

Kerfy: no problem. *fumbles hands* didn't work.

And viola, instant Lulz.

It may also be used without the fumbling of hands in certain contexes:

Kerfy: Do this work for me! *hands papers*

The Writer: No problem *sees paper and realizes its quantam physics* ....didn't work.

The Writer: Lets stare at the orange juice because it says concentrate!

Kerfy: No problem *stares at orange juice for 5 hours, then his eyeballs fall out* ....didn't work.



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