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Randemonium in the periodic table of elements

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Randemonium is a unknown, yet possibly fictional element that contributes to the entropy, Randomness, of the universe 30 FLOORS PER SECOND fold. The Atomic Number of Randemonium is 9001, and its atomic mass is 523248274.53, whereas it's average isotopic mass is a somewhat random number starting with 4329722592.23428649289147017583759727621651981657453441542552541542561465142451445....

Randemonium is also an audio-show by The Writer and Kerfy.


Whilist the properties of Randemonium are supposedly ambiguous (random), it is believed that every isotope is unstable. Most cases of Randemonium were artificial. Randemonium supposedly is not a naturally occuring material, but must be made artificially. It is also believed that every electron in randemonium does NOT orbit around the electron cloud, but rather they break dance and shuffle in a random pattern.

As for physical characteristics,The very essense of Randemonium is that it's properties are possibly random before synthesis. Below however are a few exerienced traits that have occured more than once.

Type-I Properties (Appeared 3 or more times)Edit

Type-II Porperties (Appeared 2 or more times)Edit

Type-III Properties (Appeared 1 time)Edit

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