Random Babbling is the act of randomly babbling about stuff that no one really cares about (unless you care, but no one cares what you care about). It contains trace amounts of a little element known as Randemonium .
Subbed anime POTATOEZ by Sushihad

This is a golden example of Random Babbling. Look away if you need your sanity.


Common CaseEdit

Common Case variations of Random Babbling include everyday usage that one would find anywhere. Often times, people you know very well like to babble randomly. The most widely seen types of Common Case Random Babbling (CCRB). This includes:

  • The stuff your mom and dad lecture you on when you forget to do something
  • The stuff your teacher tells you about the history of the world
  • The random crap you think about while sitting on the toilet
  • Alot of the things that Seishu Inukitsune talks about to himself when he's bored out of his mind
  • Bhnrgrgy
  • This: sajkfbhhaklnflas;jfla;skf;l aslrfkl;acklfajslfjalkkfjklaslkckiafkfishpastasandwhich in my mind afhalkjfa;fma;lhghghghghghg[arjopqwjrpqu9rfjasnjkfj ajsfhjskdbvjkjsdigfhwklmcszlfjnishjbnoijhtuiwjngjkwjwkdndkwmcksjjkSANFGlna;vjhjwejcjewknmf;lwjencklwlekmckjwcvmewncojhewcmehel,sdmvubfnbwjkfjng;lkgjhklgksdghjvbrevni;tojhz;szjgor;nmvkjnviaghvorlnboijhrlSDNfowknmvrwvnSDhgbvoirenv sdmbhgpb,ndcmxdhgor

Abstract CaseEdit

Abstract Case Random Babbling (ACRB) is only created when the babbling in question appears to have some kind of hidden meaning, but you really don't understand or give a crap about. This includes:

  • Poetry
  • Opera
  • Confucius
  • Japanese to people who cannot read it (example: 日本語が分かります。)

Destructive CaseEdit

Destructive Case Random Babbling (DCRB) is only created when the babbling in question appears to hurt your brain. This random babbling may actually cause you to go insane, burn down your house, file bankruptcy, sell your goats to a cow farmer, make you commit suicide off the curb, make you do the robot, or turn you into a complete weirdo. There are no explicit examples for this, but one will know it when they encounter it (or felt the effects of it).

Protection against Random BabblingEdit

There are no guaranteed ways to protect oneself against Random Babbling of any variety, but here are some of the most popular ways.


(Main article: Ejumukayshun )

One may find that learning about randomness is one way to survive it. So in terms, some will go study randomness for their own stake. A lot of times people will realize that this method is a WOMBAT. Schools generally do not provide enough mental preparation for the sake of randomness survival. The estimated success rate of Education is 0.001%.


(not to be confused with Assimilactation )

The general idea of assimilation is joining in the randomness. This method is best characterized by the phrase, "If you can't beat 'em, Join 'em." In theory, if you are already random, you will not be bored by or harmed by the effects of Random Babbling. Also, if you've grown to be random, you will obviously not be affected by it. There is a fault with this, however. There are cases where randomness does get to you, no matter how used to it you are. Generally, if one is exposed to randomness 24/7, then they will be a part of it and the universe's Entropy.

There are a few people who are immune to randomness or enjoy it. These people are called, Randomnists. Contrary to popular belief, The Trio is not completely made up of randomnists. In fact, only Sushihad is known to be truly the randomnist in the group. However, this is subject to question, as Kerfoidersnoyder may be one as well.

Blocking it all outEdit

The one final way, if one is completely desperate, is to just completely ignore it. Although it doesn't make the randomness go away. In fact, a majority of the time the randomness will grow in intensity and the person trying ignore it will get consumed to the point of Assimilactation assimilation. In other words, this method is nearly useless.

Face PunchesEdit

Generally a final-solution methond of defense. It involves moving the fingers into a fist-like shape and firmly and quickly planting the fist-shape into the rambling pie-hole of the one giving the Babbling.

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