Widat is a random word coined by The Writer out of complete randomness. Really, it's impossible to describe how the word came about into existance. The word is supposedly a random context onomatopoeia or interjection.


Coinage of the word originates to 2008, which the Writer calls, "The Golden age." The Writer came up with the word by making random noises. A strange way to make up a word, yes? Well not to him. Ever since saying the word in front of the trio (whose response was....creeped out...), the word caught on and appeared in several of The Writer's notebooks. As a result, the word became a random motif in his "works" during that year and he and his friends made it an "official" vocabulary word.


Similarly to Wumbo, The word can be use in any context. However the best way to use it as an interjection. For example...

"I went to school yesterday and I made a sandwich!"

If that doesn't make any sense, then you're doing it all right! Congratulations!


The word has been used several times in Mirukana history. The firs twas the notable usage in The Writer's Random Babbling. The Second was from the beloved audio show, Widatly 4, which sadly, doesn't exist anymore. It has also appeared in Pet's Net, a Paper View Game created by The Writer.

The word doesn't come up as often anymore, but it's still a memorable word between The Trio.

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